We are founders & builders

We’re founders and builders here to help others create and scale transformative companies.

  • We built the team we wish we had in our corner when we founded our first companies.
  • Venture Capital is an antiquated industry, so we’re using data-driven software as a tool to help our all-star team make the best decisions for our founders and our firm.
  • Through software and continuous innovation, our partners work as a collective mind to serve founders, who in turn help us see what’s in store for the future.

TycoonVP’s Founder and CEO, John Taxiarchos, has evaluated more than 5,000 startups in his career as a former wealth manager, banker, consultant, and entrepreneur.

John has built Tycoon Venture Partners into a Boston-based early-stage venture capital firm, which continues to grow its portfolio and assets under management.

We’ve helped a multitude of founders build startups at the earliest possible stages, and that means we can help startups avoid the numerous pitfalls that can cause certain failure. We have a team of great partners, investors, advisors, founders, and friends.

We've helped numerous founders build startups at the earliest possible stages