Content Marketing

Carolina Bianca is a Content Marketing Specialist at Tycoon Venture Partners. She brings extensive experience in SEO-optimized article writing, blog posts, web copy, and video content.

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Executive Assistant

Arianna Conklin is an Executive Assistant for Tycoon Venture Partners. Arianna has previous experience in the Financial, Real Estate, and Property Management fields. She began working as an Executive Assistant in 2021 and decided this is what she was meant to do! She has now built a full-time client base of Executive Assisting with companies…


Mike Turner is an Associate with Tycoon Venture Partners. He sources and handles inquiries from potential portfolio companies, and in many cases, is the initial contact between a startup and our Firm.

Samantha Bower is an Associate with Tycoon Venture Partners. She sources and handles inquiries from potential portfolio companies, and in many cases, is the initial contact between a startup and our Firm.

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Healthtech Advisor (MD, FCCP)

Trevor Rabie, MD | FCCP is a Healthtech Advisor for Tycoon Venture Partners. After graduating with Distinction from the University of Cape Town Medical School in South Africa, Dr. Rabie did his residency in Internal Medicine in Washington DC and then did his Pulmonary and Critical Care training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.…

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Venture Partner, Due Diligence

Katrina is currently a Venture Partner of Due Diligence at Tycoon Venture Partners, where she is responsible for evaluating investment opportunities. Before Tycoon Venture Partners, Katrina was a Director at a middle-market investment banking firm, where she advised buy-side and sell-side mergers and acquisitions including workouts and bankruptcies within ReInvest Capital. Prior to joining ReInvest…

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Venture Partner, Due Diligence

Anand Rao is a Due Diligence Venture Partner at Tycoon Venture Partners. Anand’s work experience spans over twenty years of analyzing, conducting due diligence, and investing in private and public markets. His expertise includes M&A, LBO, Capital Markets, Business Operations Diligence, Flexible Capital Structure Solutions, and Relationship Development. He has successfully led teams and held…

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Venture Partner

John Ireland is a Venture Partner with Tycoon Venture Partners. John has held positions as CEO, CFO, COO, and Director of Business Development in both private and public corporations in several verticals. This experience makes him uniquely qualified to advise companies on all aspects of their business. He has been a lead mentor in the…

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Venture Partner

Zongxing Wang, Ph.D./MBA is currently a venture partner at Tycoon Venture Partners. In this role, he handles technology and business assessment, strategy formulation, and investment decisions. Prior to joining Tycoon VP, Zongxing Wang worked at ARCH Venture Partners to help source deals and evaluate investment opportunities. He also has experience working with a unicorn startup…


Venture Partner

Tim Breidigan is a Venture Partner with Tycoon Venture Partners. Tim brings extensive experience in building software and technology companies. He has over 30 years experience in executive roles with large organizations, start-ups and venture capital.  Tim currently serves as COO of SalsaMobi, a staff augmentation company specializing in senior software engineering talent located primarily…

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Venture Partner

Dan Rolland is a Venture Partner with Tycoon Venture Partners. Dan has a passion for startups and wants to connect with more founders on their entrepreneurial journey. He started his first business when he was a freshman at The University of Colorado and was immediately hooked on the thrill of the ups and downs of…

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Executive Venture Partner

Darren is a seasoned entrepreneur who founded a food delivery business called in 2012, which was based in Eugene, OR. The business produced over 19 million dollars in sales before being acquired by Grubhub in 2018. Darren built the company from the ground up and managed all aspects from sales, marketing, accounting, etc. Upon…

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TycoonVP’s Founder and CEO, John Taxiarchos, has evaluated more than 5,000 startups in his career as a former wealth manager, banker, consultant, and entrepreneur. John has built Tycoon Venture Partners into a Boston-based early-stage venture capital firm, which continues to grow its portfolio and assets under management. Out of the need to help entrepreneurs succeed,…